R. Roberts, Los Angeles

I just wanted to say thank you so much for your efficient handling of my mother’s past few doctor’s appointments.  I really don’t know what I would do without your help. 
You convey the questions I send you via email, take informative notes during the appointment, and get back to me quickly. The staff at my mother’s senior living facility commented on your professionalism and cheerfulness, and told me that Mom returns buoyant and happy.
As I live so far away, and as the facility does not provide this kind of service, I really don’t know what I would do without your help. And it’s great to know that Mom gets to have some special social time from a caring visitor.
It has been a pleasure working with you!
All that’s left to say is thank goodness for Thank Goodness!

Molly P., Berkeley

Thanks to Thank Goodness! Senior Concierge my mother's attitude has improved and her level of of awareness has increased dramatically! My mother is 92 and thanks to the wonderful attention she receives from Elizabeth she is once again writing newsletters and jitterbugging! The gentle personal assistance has made my mother much more comfortable, and her home is also in better order. Thank Goodness! is top drawer and an excellent value!

Linda M., Berkeley

I’ve known Elizabeth McDonald for over 7 years. Recently I learned that she had started her own business,  Thank Goodness! Senior Concierge , and I was thrilled! At 70, my partner and I are facing the brutal realities of growing older, and our desire is to stay independent and in our home as long as we possibly can.  Elizabeth helped us through a difficult emotional and financial transaction years ago, and I can easily imagine seeking her help for a variety of problems and tasks which we may not be able to manage ourselves, even together, in the future. Her past professional work as a real estate agent gives her experience with financial, property and legal issues. Her health care training makes her an invaluable resource for those of us facing the increasingly complex issues of aging. Most importantly, her personality makes her superb for this effort—She is funny, warm, supportive and a joy to be around. She is also very intelligent, and will persistently track down information or resources until she is satisfied. Finally she is a fighter for those she champions, preferring mediation and resolving problems when possible, but unafraid to stand up to lawyers, doctors, neighbors or whoever! She is a great asset to our community in her role as senior concierge!